Bonnie Carpenter is an arts educator who helps others develop their sense of self and purpose through creative play and imagination. Bonnie believes that arts are fundamental to the intellectual and emotional development of youth and are a core necessity to expression of the human experience.

With over 20 years of experience, her students are working around the globe and using their artistic voices in all facets of life. She knows that this empathetic perspective will foster compassion and understanding across cultures.

Bonnie holds a B.S. in both Theatre and Communications with an emphasis in Secondary Education from Carroll University, an MFA in Theatrical Design from Northern Illinois University, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Arts Leadership and Cultural Management from Colorado State University.

We are pleased to congratulate Bonnie on being selected as the Association of Arts Administration Educators’ (AAAE) first ever (non-board) Board Development Committee Member! As a non-Board member, Bonnie will bring a unique voice to the Board Development Committee and ensure their commitment to retain a fresh and diverse perspective within the AAAE Board.

Bonnie is a student member of the AAAE and sees being apart of the AAAE community as an opportunity to continue to make connections with the Arts Management and Cultural Leadership field as she prepares to graduate in 2020. Congratulations again Bonnie!

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