Master’s Degree


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Residential Program

(NOTE: We are currently not admitting new residential students) Study arts management in Fort Collins, Colorado and surround yourself with a community that cares about the arts through wide ranging support. Learn from professors that are already working within the local arts field alongside students who are future arts leaders. Enjoy the vast offerings of events, openings, businesses, internships, organizations and arts incubators throughout Fort Collins.

Classes are mainly offered in the evening to accommodate a variety of student schedules. There is a schedule that will fit your needs.

Online Program

The flexibility of an online program gives students a chance to take classes at times that work for them. 100% online, this degree gives you the ability to stay where you are currently located and build your skill set without leaving your job or uprooting your family.


Start Dates

  • Fall semester
  • Spring semester*

*Online program only

Term Length

  • 16 weeks (fall and spring)
  • 12 weeks (summer)


Full time

  • 9 credits per semester
  • Graduate in as little as two years

Part time

  • Minimum of 3 credits per semester
  • Graduate at your own pace



  • Calculate your cost of attendance on the Financial Aid website.


  • Includes student services
  • Fees assessed separately

Financial Aid

  • Financial Aid is available (residential and online).
  • Eligibility determined on an individual basis.


  • Residential
  • Online
  • Hybrid

Application Deadlines

  • Fall: July 1st
  • Spring: December 1st*

*Online program only; residential students start in the fall semester.


  • 32

Degree Awarded

  • Master of Arts Leadership and Cultural Management

The Master of Arts Leadership and Cultural Management degree is structured as a four-semester, 32-credit program. The curriculum includes 23 credits of core classes and 9 credits of electives.

Electives and internship experiences allow students to customize the program to their career goals. Students can apply elective credits toward a certificate in Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies, Nonprofit Administration or other fields.

Course Catalog


Core Classes

LEAP 500 Leadership in the Arts | 3 credits

Theoretical and applied knowledge about concepts of leadership, leadership styles as applied to arts related organizations.

LEAP 600 Arts Policy and Advocacy | 3 credits
Discussion of the role of artist as citizen and how we affect public policy.

LEAP 650 Arts Events Management | 3 credits
Technical aspects of events, season and festival management for arts related organizations

LEAP 660 Arts Collaboration and the Community | 3 credits
Research, development and production of outreach projects; team projects for community engagement.

LEAP 670 Law and the Arts | 3 credits
Examines the legal foundations of artistic creation including copyright, freedom of expression, public domain laws, and contract negotiation.


LEAP 687* Internship | 3 credits
Field internship at local, regional or national arts organization (45 hours per credit hour)

LEAP 692* Internship Seminar | 1 credit

Students will take LEAP 687/692 twice during the course of their degree.

*Students may choose to do two internships or replace the second internship with four credits of additional electives.


Electives are chosen by students as a way to enhance and supplement their individual interests and career goals. You can choose from classes such as the ones that are offered below or find classes that you are interested in with the support of your program advisor.

LEAP 510 Creative Industries Career Management | 3 credits
Trains individuals for careers in the arts and creative industries with skills in arts entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, branding, financial management, and project management.

LEAP 520 Technology in Arts Management | 3 credits
Technology is a vital aspect of the 21st century artist and arts manager in the pre and post-covid creative world. Explores the use of technology using hands on work with Adobe™, website development, branding, and issues of remote access and audience expansion to arts content through different mediums. Explorations include understanding the impact of technology on the arts over time and where it is headed into the future.

LEAP 540 Financial Structures in Arts Management | 3 credits
Financial management and analysis of fiduciary concerns for cultural organizations through a lens of equity and inclusion for all communities.

LEAP 620 Research Methodology for Arts Management | 3 credits
Research methods through data, statistics and special projects pertaining to topics related to arts and cultural organizations.

LEAP 640 Portfolio Creation for Art Managers| 1 credit
Create technologically innovative portfolios central to the artistic process in anticipation of career advancement and development. Receive an individualized approach to portfolio creation to fit career needs which may include digital content creation, digital promotion, design assistance, communication of ideas and additional electronic representation through marketing ideas.

*Students may choose electives in outside departments, upon consultation with their advisor, and permission from instructor/department offering the course.