CSU Arts Management
LEAP 580A1: Artist Management for the Music Industry CRN 18771

In this course students examine the responsibilities and best practices associated with artist management in the music industry. A broad knowledge of how the interconnected ecosystem of the industry works is offered, preparing students to effectively address label deals, touring, marketing, merchandising, publishing, licensing, branding, and more – as a manager, an artist managing his or her own career, or as an employee of a company interacting with both. Topics covered are framed in the basic fundamentals of entrepreneurship and detailed at varying levels of the industry, from the DIY ground floor filled with all-ages venues and couch surfing to the arenas and tour buses that signify an artist id definitely an industry player. Insights are offered through assigned readings from the textbook as well as current news articles, blog posts, podcasts, lectures, classroom discussions, films, and in-class conversations with industry professionals.

Open to Undergraduate Seniors & Graduate Students Elective Option for Music Majors