Accelerated Master’s Degree


Undergraduate students at CSU with interests in Arts Management may apply for admission to a combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program to begin their graduate programs during their senior year of undergraduate study.

Students who are eligible for the Accelerated Master’s Program include Music Performance (BM), Art History (BA), Art Integrated Visual Arts (BA), Theatre (BA) and Dance (BA).

Students who are accepted into this program are allowed to apply up to 9 credits of 500-level coursework to both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. These courses count towards elective credits in the undergraduate degrees and towards the Master’s degree in Arts Leadership and Cultural Management. Please see the “Accelerated Master’s Degree Program” section of Graduate and Professional Bulletin for detailed information.

Interested students must complete this form and then schedule a meeting with the program during their junior year. Contact Michael Seman or Brigid McAuliffe to set up a meeting.

Bohemian Festival 100th anniversary piano
Photo provided by the Bohemian Foundation


  • 3.0 GPA
  • Junior status
  • Students must be majors in:
    • Music Performance (BM)
    • BA in Music
    • Dance (BA)
    • Theatre (BA)
    • Art – Art History Concentration (BA)
    • Art – Integrated Visual Studies Concentration (BA)



  • Make contact with the program by submitting this form
  • Schedule appointment with the Arts Management program specialists to discuss AMP and get complete advising for the program


  • Fall and spring semesters: Take three 500-level courses
  • January 15: Apply to the Arts Leadership and Cultural Management graduate program via the Graduate School standard application process
  • February: Complete the Request to Exclude and/or Double Count Courses form and submit to the graduate school
  • February: Submit the Request to Exclude and/or Double Count Courses form to the Graduate School


  • Complete the GS6 Program of Study via RamWeb in the first two weeks of the semester.
  • Attach your Request to Exclude and/or Double Count Courses form completed during senior year to the GS6.