This internship agreement serves as a guideline and syllabus for the student’s internship experience.

  • Please enter a number greater than or equal to 2020.
  • Please provide a job description and organization’s website address if applicable.
  • Expectations should be agreed upon by the intern and the host jointly. Examples: a. Will the host provide the necessary equipment? b. Will computers, cameras, transportation be provided? c. Where is the intern expected to work? d. Will the intern be expected to attend meetings? Etc.
  • Learning Objectives

  • Examples: a. Gain skills and understanding in coordinating and planning a fundraiser. b. Gain knowledge and practical experience in applying administrative sills, techniques and theory within an arts organization. c. Learn how to write and administer successful grants for arts organizations.
  • Work Schedule

  • Consider: What is the time expectation weekly/monthly for the intern? Is this a project-based internship? Some internships may have most of their work hours concentrated within a couple weeks, while others may require a steady number of hours per week. Please note: as a credit-based internship, undergraduate interns are required to work a 100 hours minimum & 150 hours maximum. Graduate interns are required to work a 150 hours minimum & 200 hours maximum.
  • Site Supervisor Obligations

    Provide the LEAP Institute for the Arts with a written job description and conditions of the internship (this document). Sign a contract indicating willingness to supervise and evaluate the intern (this document). Provide supervision, feedback and a written evaluation at the conclusion of the internship. The Student Intern Evaluation form will be available to you following the conclusion of the internship. The student is not required to participate in potentially dangerous circumstances to earn academic credits associated with this internship. CSU and its representatives cannot take responsibility for any harm associated with such external agency activities.

    Student Obligations

    Conduct Colorado State University expects students to maintain standards of personal integrity in harmony with its educational goals; to be responsible for their actions; to observe national, state, local laws and University regulations; and to respect the rights, privileges, and property of other people. By signing the statement below, the student is agreeing to: Uphold standards reasonably imposed by Colorado State University including, but not limited to academic integrity, personal honesty, tolerance, respect for diversity, civility, freedom from violence, and lifestyles free of alcohol and drug abuse as specified in the CSU Student Conduct Code:

    Additional Obligations Submit monthly activity reports to CSU internship coordinator in a timely manner. Have the Site Supervisor submit an evaluation during the last week of the semester. Inform the Program Advisor of any changes to the internship agreement (i.e., hours, pay, responsibilities, etc)
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