Arts Management combines elements of business management methods with the worlds of arts and culture to offer a comprehensive understanding of how arts and cultural organizations, institutions, and firms operate. The landscape encompassing this activity is vast and includes places such as museums, galleries, theaters, music venues, performing arts centers, and government agencies in addition to any number of organizations, institutions, and firms in the creative economy that address dance, design, film, music, and more.

The purpose of an arts management degree is to learn the skills necessary to provide stability within arts and cultural organizations by assisting them in fulfilling their missions and guiding their operations, while continuing to uphold the integrity of arts and culture and their respective roles in society.

Photo provided by LEAP Online Master's Student Alyssa Wilson
Photo provided by LEAP Online Master's Student Alyssa Wilson
University Center for the Arts at CSU
The University Center for the Arts


Arts Management educates responsible leaders and innovative arts managers who learn to create viable, relevant, engaged, and equitable arts and culture organizations. Our values are based on four guiding principles: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Arts Advocacy, and the Public.